What sort of treatments are available?

‘McTimoney’ is a holistic treatment that looks at the whole body, but particularly focuses on the spine and pelvis. Adjustments are made to misaligned joints to realign the body and restore an improved range of movement. The treatment involves very precise and rapid adjustments to correct the misaligned joints and reduce muscle spasms. Any further muscle tension can be relieved by massage.

Massage has many benefits. It can relax and relieve muscle spasms as well as preventing and relieving adhesions in the muscle and enhancing muscle tone. An increasing range of motion can also be achieved which has the benefit of decreasing stress on joints and connective tissue. Massage can also help with improving circulation to the whole body.

A FascialEdge tool can be used to release tension in the muscles and fascia. Among many benefits, the tool can also release fibrosis, fascial adhesion’s and trapped mechanoreceptors as well as stimulate neurological pathways; further releasing tension in the myofascia. The FascialEdge tool can be used alongside both massage and McTimony treatments.


When will my horse need a treatment?

Accidents, injuries, incorrectly fitted saddles, bad confirmation and strain from day to day work can all cause issues in the soft tissue and spine. Symptoms such as agitation when girthing, crookedness, decreased performance or behavioral changes could all be due to back problems. If your horse exhibits any of these symptoms it may be in discomfort from its back or muscles. Most competition horses require regular treatment to keep them on top form.