What to Expect

A typical treatment visit from Melissa

Treatment will differ on a case-by-case basis. This is a typical overview of what to expect when your animal is treated.

  • I will take a case history of the horse. Getting to know the details about the horse allows the treatment to have a holistic and bespoke approach to the individual horse’s needs. I will look at how all aspects of the care and history affect the overall picture. From this I will gauge which treatment is suitable for the animal.
  • Analysing gait and confirmation. This involves watching the animal walk and trot-up on a flat even surface and using gait analysis software where necessary.
  • Next I will use hands-on evaluation looking for misalignment in the spine and tension in the muscles. These will be treated by adjustments, massage and mobilisations.
  • Aftercare advice. This will involve explaining what was found in the treatment and rehabilitation advice. It usually comprises of followup stretches and excercises and a chat about what work load is suitable for the time period following treatment.

It is important to note that healing is a process and normally takes up to 24 hours to take full effect. It is usually recommended that rest and no ridden work is undertaken for this period after treatment.